Give your fingers and toes the right treatment!


One of the favorite beauty services for several years for women is manicure.
Manicure is a beauty treatment not only for the nails, but for the whole hand. The well-groomed ends give the feeling of youth, beauty, freshness. peeling and breaking of the nails and finally the nail biting is treated. You can choose what suits you from a variety of services: in the simple varnish, in the semi-permanent paint, and in the artificial nails. The tools used are sterilized in a dry oven after each use.


Pedicure is a beauty treatment not only for toe nails, but for the whole foot.The word is of French origin and specifically comes from pedicure which means foot care.It is basically a process of total foot care, where the nails are cut and filled, cuticles and fingernails are removed, dead cells are removed from the heels as well as calluses or hardenings from various parts of the foot.The treatment usually starts with a foot bath. Then the sole is rubbed with a special tool or rasp, with special emphasis on the heels. If there are more specialized needs, such as callus removal or sclerosis, these are done at this stage.The pedicure optionally includes painting the nails, while finally special oils or creams are applied to protect the nails and feet, by applying massage to the entire sole.


(gel -acrylic- acrygel)

Artificial nails is the best and fastest solution to have long nails. They definitely add style to your look. You can choose from endless shapes, designs and vibrant colors. Some women prefer them on special occasions, while others make them regularly.Artificial nails are very popular because they last a long time, are difficult to break and almost any color looks beautiful. On the other hand, natural nails can be damaged if the technician is not experienced and professional enough.
Refill is the key to keeping your artificial nails intact.
The artificial nails:
-Will help you get rid of the bad habit of chewing nails
-It's hard to break
-If one of them breaks it can be easily stabilized
-There are several options in size, shape and color to choose from